2011 Salaries In Anaheim

Other years available for Anaheim

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Marcie L Edwards 2011 Utilities General Manager Public Utilities 274,412.00 Profile
Thomas J Wood 2011 City Manager Administration 253,329.00 Profile
John A Welter 2011 Chief of Police Police 234,759.00 Profile
Randy R Bruegman 2011 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 215,000.00 Profile
Donald C Calkins 2011 Utilities Assistant General Manager - Water Services Public Utilities 200,496.00 Profile
Margaret VanderDussen 2011 Planning Director Development/Planning 197,437.00 Profile
Cristina L Talley 2011 City Attorney Attorney's Office 196,170.00 Profile
Robert L Wingenroth 2011 City Manager Administration 192,985.00 Profile
Edward P Zacherl 2011 Utilities Assistant General Manager Public Utilities 191,642.00 Profile
Craig A Hunter 2011 Deputy Chief of Police Police 187,392.00 Profile
Stephen J Sciortino 2011 Utilities Assistant General Manager - Joint Services Public Utilities 183,507.00 Profile
Terry D Lowe 2011 Community Services Director Community Services 183,198.00 Profile
Mark A Logan 2011 Assistant City Attorney Attorney's Office 179,386.00 Profile
Natalie A Meeks 2011 Public Works Director Administration 178,419.00 Profile
Thomas W Morton 2011 Executive Director of Convention- Sports & Entertainment Administration 176,050.00 Profile
Kristine A Ridge 2011 Human Resources Director Human Resources 175,321.00 Profile
Scott D Berg 2011 Fire Battalion Chief Fire/EMS 174,429.00 Profile
Robert C Conklin 2011 Police Captain Police 169,961.00 Profile
Dukku Lee 2011 Utilities Assistant General Manager - Electric Services Public Utilities 169,551.00 Profile
John E Woodhead 2011 Executive Director of Community Development Development/Planning 168,398.00 Profile
David M Meek 2011 Convention Center Manager Other 165,352.00 Profile
Yungtung J Wei 2011 Electric Systems Planning Manager General Services 165,205.00 Profile
Mark K Vukojevic 2011 City Engineer Engineering 162,901.00 Profile
Michael A Aquino 2011 Police Captain Police 162,884.00 Profile
Timothy J Butler 2011 Fire Battalion Chief Fire/EMS 162,698.00 Profile