2012 Salaries In El Cajon

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
George R Turner Jr 2012 Deputy City Manager Administration 175,379.00 Profile
Douglas H Williford 2012 City Manager Administration 174,297.00 Profile
Nancy C Palm 2012 Finance Director Finance/Accounting 148,256.00 Profile
Melissa W Ayres 2012 Director of Community Development Development/Planning 144,602.00 Profile
James L Redman 2012 Police Chief Police 143,910.00 Profile
Bruno S Cirello Jr 2012 Police Captain Police 137,280.00 Profile
James D Lynch Jr 2012 Director of Human Resource Human Resources 134,950.00 Profile
Morgan L Foley 2012 City Attorney Attorney's Office 129,069.00 Profile
Rodney L Norsen 2012 Information Technician Information Technology 121,987.00 Profile
Mark A Coit 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 119,559.00 Profile
Timothy J Henton 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 119,513.00 Profile
Holly J Reed-Falk 2012 Financial Operator Finance/Accounting 118,846.00 Profile
Rick Sitta 2012 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 118,377.00 Profile
Christopher J Presmyk 2012 Deputy Director of Public Works Public Utilities 116,064.00 Profile
Michael S Griffiths 2012 Deputy Director of Public Works Public Utilities 112,694.00 Profile
Steven F Shakowski 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 111,102.00 Profile
Kathie J Rutledge 2012 City Clerk Administration 108,846.00 Profile
Jeffery J Davis 2012 Police Captain Police 107,609.00 Profile
Dennis C Davies 2012 Deputy Director of Public Works Public Utilities 107,604.00 Profile
Mario A Sanchez 2012 Traffic Engineer Other 107,336.00 Profile
Daniel S Pavao 2012 Fire Marshall Fire/EMS 106,476.00 Profile
Francis T Lahaye 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 105,139.00 Profile
Jeffrey D Arvan 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 104,186.00 Profile
Theodore J Kakuris 2012 Fire Battalion Fire/EMS 98,742.60 Profile
Michael J Scott 2012 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 97,942.80 Profile