2012 Salaries In Torrance

Other years available for Torrance

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Leroy J Jackson 2012 City Manager Administration 268,382.00 Profile
John L Fellows III 2012 City Attorney Attorney's Office 259,210.00 Profile
John J Neu 2012 Police Chief Police 236,517.00 Profile
Mary K Giordano 2012 Assistant City Manager General Services 224,411.00 Profile
William Racowschi 2012 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 223,746.00 Profile
Robert J Beste 2012 Public Works Director Public Utilities 209,331.00 Profile
Eric E Tsao 2012 Finance Director Finance/Accounting 192,587.00 Profile
Jeffery W Gibson 2012 Community Development Director Community Services 190,819.00 Profile
Richard D Shigaki 2012 Information Technology Director Information Technology 168,958.00 Profile
David A Dumais 2012 Deputy Fire Chief Fire/EMS 166,731.00 Profile
Kevin W Kreager 2012 Police Captain Police 164,606.00 Profile
Sheryl A Ballew 2012 General Services Director General Services 162,282.00 Profile
John W Van Der Linden 2012 Deputy Public Works Director Public Utilities 160,576.00 Profile
Kenneth A Flewellyn 2012 Assistant Finance Director Finance/Accounting 159,786.00 Profile
John R Jones 2012 Community Services Director Community Services 157,934.00 Profile
Mark A Matsuda 2012 Police Captain Police 157,206.00 Profile
Kimberly Turner 2012 Transit Director Transportation 154,939.00 Profile
Rodney C Irvine 2012 Police Captain Police 151,750.00 Profile
Patrick Q Sullivan 2012 Assistant City Attorney Attorney's Office 149,781.00 Profile
Ryan M Lee 2012 Information Technology Manager Information Technology 149,573.00 Profile
Linda M Cessna 2012 Deputy Communications Development Director Other 148,637.00 Profile
Joyce I Reyes 2012 Accounting Manager Finance/Accounting 147,410.00 Profile
Brian K Sunshine 2012 Assistant to the City Manager General Services 145,808.00 Profile
Randall L Sellers 2012 Risk Manager Human Resources 145,787.00 Profile
Craig S Bilezerian 2012 Deputy Public Works Director Public Utilities 140,712.00 Profile