2012 Salaries In Azusa

Other years available for Azusa

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
James W Makshanoff 2012 City Manager Administration 191,272.00 Profile
George F Morrow 2012 Director Of Utilities Public Utilities 182,000.00 Profile
Samuel G Gonzalez 2012 Chief Of Police Police 177,994.00 Profile
Kurt E Christiansen 2012 Community Development Director Development/Planning 160,077.00 Profile
John F Momot 2012 Police Captain Police 152,211.00 Profile
Tito A Haes 2012 Assistant City Manager Administration 145,950.00 Profile
Jaroslaw J Lehr 2012 Assistant Director-Management Administration 144,510.00 Profile
Joseph Jacobs 2012 Director Of Recreation Parks & Recreation 142,912.00 Profile
Ann V Graf 2012 Director Of Informational Technology Information Technology 132,496.00 Profile
Frank G Chavez 2012 Police Captain Police 132,414.00 Profile
Nancy L Johnson 2012 Director-Library Services Library 130,000.00 Profile
Stephan E Hunt 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 128,238.00 Profile
Paul A Dennis 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 128,238.00 Profile
Frederico Langit Jr 2012 Assistant Director-Electric Public Utilities 127,317.00 Profile
Chet F Anderson 2012 Assistant Director-Water Public Utilities 127,317.00 Profile
Susan S Paragas 2012 Director Of Finance Finance/Accounting 125,112.00 Profile
Dan J Kjar 2012 Electric Distribution Supervisor Public Utilities 124,778.00 Profile
Michael A Bertelsen 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 123,351.00 Profile
Carl E Hassel 2012 Assistant Director Public Works Public Utilities 119,382.00 Profile
Conal D Mcnamara 2012 Assistant Director-Community Development Development/Planning 113,596.00 Profile
Keith P Chagnon 2012 Electric Supervisor Public Utilities 111,016.00 Profile
David E Patterson 2012 Electric Supervisor Public Utilities 110,776.00 Profile
Richard V Torres 2012 Power Coordinator Public Utilities 110,607.00 Profile
Daniel F Crapo 2012 Electric Supervisor Public Utilities 109,692.00 Profile
Xavier J Torres 2012 Police Sergeant Police 107,975.00 Profile