2012 Salaries In Escondido

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Clayton C Phillips 2012 City Manager Administration 201,700.00 Profile
Jeffrey R Epp 2012 City Attorney Administration 185,742.00 Profile
Michael R McGuinness 2012 Assistant City Attorney Attorney's Office 166,102.00 Profile
Charles D Grimm 2012 Assistant City Manager Administration 140,724.00 Profile
Jennifer K McCain 2012 Assistant City Attorney Attorney's Office 122,562.00 Profile
Robert J Benton 2012 Police Captain Police 122,363.00 Profile
James R Maher 2012 Chief of Police Police 117,193.00 Profile
Sheryl L Bennett 2012 Director of Human Resources Human Resources 116,621.00 Profile
Jerry VanLeeuwen 2012 Director of Community Services Community Services 116,606.00 Profile
Michael J Lowry 2012 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 116,475.00 Profile
Cory S Moles 2012 Assistant Chief of Police Police 116,024.00 Profile
Kenneth C Hugins 2012 City Treasurer Treasurer 112,500.00 Profile
Thomas W Albergo 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 108,361.00 Profile
Edward N Domingue 2012 Director of Public Works Public Utilities 107,017.00 Profile
Gilbert Rojas 2012 Director of Finance Finance/Accounting 105,647.00 Profile
Mark D Becker 2012 Director of Information Systems Information Technology 105,539.00 Profile
Kenneth W Slaven 2012 Fire Battalion Chief Fire/EMS 104,746.00 Profile
Christopher W McKinney 2012 Director of Utilities Public Utilities 101,178.00 Profile
Russell P Knowles 2012 Fire Division Chief Fire/EMS 101,052.00 Profile
Herb Griffin 2012 Fire Division Chief Fire/EMS 100,561.00 Profile
Michael J Loarie 2012 Police Captain Police 93,683.90 Profile
Barbara J Redlitz 2012 Director of Community Development Development/Planning 93,336.90 Profile
Christopher K Wynn 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 93,094.70 Profile
James W Stuard 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 92,414.50 Profile
Justin F Murphy 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 92,164.00 Profile