2013 Salaries In Glenn County

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Scott E Gruendl 2013 Health & Human Services Agency Director Human/Social Services 120,771.00 Profile
Huston T Carlyle Jr 2013 County Counsel Attorney's Office 111,604.00 Profile
Larry L Jones 2013 Sheriff-Coroner Sheriff's Office 108,521.00 Profile
Robert J Maloney 2013 District Attorney Attorney's Office 106,870.00 Profile
Cecilia G Hutsell 2013 Chief Deputy Director-Health Services Administrator Health 101,171.00 Profile
Sheryl J Thur 2013 Assessor/Clerk/Recorder Assessment/Appraiser 97,713.60 Profile
Dawn R Mayer 2013 Child Support Services Director Other 96,415.20 Profile
Brandon D Thompson 2013 Chief Probation Officer Corrections 95,312.80 Profile
James L Donnelly 2013 Agricultural Commissioner Other 94,584.80 Profile
Susan G Norton 2013 Deputy Director Public Health/Director of Nursing Health 93,392.00 Profile
Richard L Warren Jr 2013 Undersheriff Sheriff's Office 92,476.80 Profile
Edward J Lamb 2013 Finance Director Finance/Accounting 90,769.60 Profile
Jean S Miller 2013 Assistant Agricultural Commissioner Other 88,816.00 Profile
Amy L Lindsey 2013 Deputy Director Behavioral Health Services Health 84,697.60 Profile
Deborah L Storz 2013 Assistant Director of Finance Finance/Accounting 83,657.60 Profile
Rey M Lopez 2013 Deputy Agricultural Commissioner Other 83,657.60 Profile
Sean S Arlin 2013 Sheriff's Lieutenant Sheriff's Office 82,190.40 Profile
Robyn M Krause 2013 Chief Deputy Director-Social Services Other 81,715.20 Profile
Matthew J Gomes 2013 Assistant/Associate Civil Engineer Engineering 81,539.70 Profile
Erin M Valdez 2013 Health Services Program Manager Health 77,251.20 Profile
David D Allee 2013 Program Manager Other 77,251.20 Profile
Thomas L Waggoner 2013 Health Services Program Manager Health 77,251.20 Profile
Rebecca J Hansen 2013 Program Manager Other 77,251.20 Profile
Cheryl B Harrison 2013 Program Manager Other 77,251.20 Profile
Kevin S Backus 2013 Environmental Health Director Other 77,251.20 Profile