2012 Salaries In Merced

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
John M Bramble 2012 City Manager Administration 172,815.00 Profile
Gregory G Diaz 2012 City Attorney Attorney's Office 168,913.00 Profile
Norman Andrade 2012 Police Chief Police 141,447.00 Profile
Ryan Staiger 2012 Fire Fighter Fire/EMS 140,000.00 Profile
Bradley R Grant 2012 Finance Officer Finance/Accounting 135,673.00 Profile
Michael W Mclaughlin 2012 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 134,907.00 Profile
Frank Quintero 2012 Director of Economic Development Other 125,760.00 Profile
David B Gonzalves 2012 Director of Development Services Other 121,771.00 Profile
Michael A Wegley 2012 Director of Public Works Public Utilities 120,684.00 Profile
Deneen L Proctor 2012 Director of Support Services Human Resources 118,359.00 Profile
Jeffrey L Lewis 2012 Director of Information Technology Information Technology 114,714.00 Profile
Stanley W Murdock 2012 Director of Public Works Public Utilities 113,998.00 Profile
Donald E Long Jr 2012 Fire Deputy Chief Fire/EMS 109,620.00 Profile
Reginald A Matthews 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 107,574.00 Profile
Thomas E Trindad 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 107,461.00 Profile
Bimley West 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 106,184.00 Profile
Jeanne E Schechter 2012 Chief Deputy City Attorney Attorney's Office 105,800.00 Profile
Kim Espinosa 2012 Planning Manager Development/Planning 105,590.00 Profile
Kenneth D Rozell 2012 Deputy City Attorney Attorney's Office 103,854.00 Profile
Tom Mccall 2012 Fire Battalion Chief Fire/EMS 102,574.00 Profile
Shawn B Henry 2012 Fire Battalion Chief Fire/EMS 102,047.00 Profile
Teri L Albrecht 2012 Deputy Finance Officer Finance/Accounting 99,270.00 Profile
John C Sagin Jr 2012 Principal Architect Other 93,671.00 Profile
Jacob A Struble Jr 2012 Police Sergeant Police 93,669.00 Profile
Michael J Stephenson 2012 Assistant Chief Building Official Other 93,660.00 Profile