2011 Salaries In Alhambra

Other years available for Alhambra

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Joseph M Lawrence 2011 City Manager Administration 196,432.00 Profile
Kelly B Kuehnle 2011 Assistant City Manager/Personnel Director General Services 142,656.00 Profile
John H Lamp 2011 Assistant City Manager/Development Services Director General Services 140,121.00 Profile
Rigoberto Banuelos Jr 2011 Police Captain Police 139,884.00 Profile
Jack K Ng 2011 Deputy Director Of Utilities Administration 127,800.00 Profile
Martha R Joya 2011 Police Captain Police 127,164.00 Profile
Catherine E Bruni 2011 Director of Community Services Community Services 123,642.00 Profile
Keith A Eggleston 2011 Deputy Director Of Utilities Administration 122,624.00 Profile
Byron R Garay 2011 Director of Public Works Public Utilities 121,574.00 Profile
Mark O Kolb 2011 Assistant City Manager/Administrative Services Director General Services 121,427.00 Profile
Giana Marini 2011 Utility Manager Public Utilities 120,676.00 Profile
Eddie R Gutierrez 2011 Deputy Director of Development Services Development/Planning 116,522.00 Profile
Craig J Toups 2011 Assistant Finance Director Finance/Accounting 115,412.00 Profile
Kevin Laing 2011 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 114,109.00 Profile
Carita Tam 2011 Police Captain Police 111,024.00 Profile
Mishell M Tonas 2011 Police Lieutenant Police 111,024.00 Profile
Glenn A Paik 2011 Fire Battalion Chief Fire/EMS 110,820.00 Profile
Henry E Reyes 2011 Fire Battalion Chief Fire/EMS 110,647.00 Profile
Estella E Reyes 2011 Police Lieutenant Police 107,735.00 Profile
George Decollibus 2011 Police Lieutenant Police 106,994.00 Profile
Vanessa M Espinoza 2011 Police Captain Police 106,343.00 Profile
Robert Mcdermott 2011 Library Director Library 106,056.00 Profile
Timothy W Diller 2011 Deputy City Manager Administration 105,364.00 Profile
Michael S Smith 2011 General Manager-Utilities Public Utilities 104,672.00 Profile
Michael D Morales 2011 Assistant Chief/Fire Marshall Fire/EMS 104,634.00 Profile