2012 Salaries In Alhambra

Other years available for Alhambra

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Julio Fuentes 2012 City Manager Administration 195,177.00 Profile
William C Walker 2012 Fire Chief Fire/EMS 186,513.00 Profile
Mark Yokoyama 2012 Chief Of Police Police 182,742.00 Profile
Paul P Espinoza 2012 Director of Finance Finance/Accounting 165,251.00 Profile
Richard M Bacio 2012 Assistant City Manager/Personnel Director Human/Social Services 144,599.00 Profile
Mary K Swink 2012 Assistant City Manager/Develop Services Director Development/Planning 134,148.00 Profile
Claudine Meeker 2012 Deputy Director of Utilities Public Utilities 127,801.00 Profile
Cynthia M Jarvis 2012 Director of Community Services Community Services 124,308.00 Profile
Martin W Ray 2012 Deputy Director of Utilities Public Utilities 122,820.00 Profile
Tara Schultz 2012 Assistant City Manager/Administrative Services Director Administration 121,177.00 Profile
Vincent J Bisogno Jr 2012 Utility Manager Public Utilities 120,319.00 Profile
Mary E Chavez 2012 Director of Public Works Public Utilities 119,749.00 Profile
Dean G Johnson 2012 Assistant Finance Director Finance/Accounting 115,148.00 Profile
Elliot J Kase 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 114,037.00 Profile
Raymond A Mosack 2012 Assistant Chief/Fire Marshall Fire/EMS 113,985.00 Profile
Edith G Lopez 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 110,198.00 Profile
John C Cermak 2012 Fire Battalion Chief Fire/EMS 109,815.00 Profile
Clifford Mar 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 108,739.00 Profile
Dennis W Ahlen 2012 General Manager-Utilities Public Utilities 108,058.00 Profile
Daniel M Rodriguez 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 107,736.00 Profile
Thomas M Phelps 2012 Fire Battalion Chief Fire/EMS 107,105.00 Profile
Vanessa Reynoso 2012 Deputy Director of Development Services Development/Planning 106,461.00 Profile
Carmen M Hernandez 2012 Library Director Library 106,057.00 Profile
Jennifer A Wiese 2012 Police Lieutenant Police 102,487.00 Profile
John H Lamp 2012 Fire Captain Fire/EMS 101,389.00 Profile